Barcamp melbourne 2012 thoughts

Had a great time at Barcamp Melbourne on this weekend.

The last time the event had been held in Melbourne was in 2009. Three years latter, it is great to come back to this great place, and many of the people from the last event as well. Being able to “get my geek on” is beneficial for my creative coding motivation, on top of meeting  people of a wide variety of fields and interests.

Barcamp Melbourne’s own website has a much better description of what it is which I recommend you read here. To summarize, it is an “Unconference”. It is intentionally unorganized, with people attending encouraged to talk about their hobby or project. You could liken it to a grown up’s version of show and tell, however it goes deeper than that. Being aware of others during the event is important, which avoids the stale feeling you have going to sponsored or “sit and listen” events and seminars. The collective consciousness of learning off each other among with being active participants in any way possible makes you much more receptive in my opinion to retain that actual data.

I gave a talk!

In spirit of the event and knowing how it runs in the past, I had plenty of time to organize a talk. While I won’t go much into my talk as I feel it deserves it’s own post, it was titled “I came here for an Argument”, and the slides are available in ODP format here (it was made in Libreoffice Impress). Reception of the talk appeared to be great, with a compliments and appreciative comments from people during Barcamp’s two days. It was an exciting (and exhaustive) process, but I felt awesome after doing it.

Read on for my photos of the event as well as more photos taken.