Linux Conf 2012 – Ballarat

On the tail end of being an Organiser for LCA2012, I would like to thank all the Volunteers, as well as our great delegates for making it a pleasant experience.

LCA Organisers

(Photo with thanks from Polycarbonate1)

The volunteers (which helped man the A/V once setup for each room among many other tasks) themselves were fantastic, and it’s been said many times already but still is just as true – without them the conference just could not run and scale to this level. I’m proud of these photos of the volunteers.


Flickr Photos from LCA2012

My set of photos for Flickr are available on flickr as set LCA2012. I have licenced them as CC Attribution. This means you can use them anywhere (even in commercial publications!), as long as you give me credit for taking them.

There have been many fantastic people I had the opportunity to talk to, including Jonathon Oxer, Andy Gelme, Paul Fenwick and Senator Scott Ludlum. That may sound like name dropping, however in Linuxconf, everyone is approachable and have extremely interesting stories to listen and take in.

During the Penguin dinner, I was able to take a video of Scott Ludlum’s speech about the state of privacy in Australia, from his perspective. It may be a bit shaky, however it’s the first large sized clip with my newer DSLR rig setup, so will be looking forward to using it as a testbed. Photos did come out excellent.

While I am on the topic of photos, I might highlight my favorite ones in here.

  • Jacob Appelbaum


I feel like this photo, along with this slide helps convey the contrast against what we view things as compared to how much can (and is) being monitored against us, with his current slide showing a informational/promotional video by a private company to promote its ability to tap into users data to keep an eye on them.

  • Action Josh


After the organisers have been given some hats (a long and funny story), Sometimes the best photos are candid ones. This one just seemed to be good timing – not to be underestimated!

  • One Geek per Classroom

One Geek per Classroom initiative


Another case of great timing, this talk by Thomas Sprinkmeier, a teacher with the idea of teaching electronics and programming to younger kids, was a talk given a strong voice thanks to his strong presentation, which incorporated his own children to make it fun and enjoyable.

These were a very small selection of photos done, with the full list available at flickr lca2012 set.

Going into the conference with all the preparations done by the rest of the organizing team was a effective way to be able to handle contingencies during the conference, and helped avoid fatigue (besides the physical drain of wanting to put in more). I learned a lot from the event, with the next event being in Canberra I would like to consider being able to attend it as someone checking out the keynotes and worrying about different things – such as which excellent speakers keynote for me to sit and listen in.