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Picture from the match you guessed it.. another picture

Highlights, commentary and much more of the finals for season one. AEF:CG v +plus, featuring commentary with both clans, as well as Gamestah radio. You can expect tense action, excellent editing as well as narrated action to even things out.
This has now been updated. Better Audio, Video effects added to every single shot, and far better compression - Its a whole new ball game!

http://own-age.com/vids/9781 - Ownage.com's profile on the video. If you need a mirror, check there
http://www.gamearena.com.au/messageboards/3191/thread.php/3971458 - Game arena release thread
If you like, mirror the file if you have some beefy hosting (the original release had 3,000 downloads in 5 days - do the math) and email me so I can add it in the own-age profile.


Please dig this if you like it

Run time: 13:21, and 159meg encoded in 2 pass XVID. See movie for further credits

Thanks to the following people, for their support (and playing the game!) made this possible: gamestah, AEF:CG, +plus. Proper thank you's will be added in the future.

Mind the bugs in the page so far - I'm getting this video out first, fix this stuff latter.